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I am originally from Westlake, Ohio.  I went to Malone University in Canton, Ohio, then transferred to the University of Tennessee in Knoxville, Tn. I currently reside and coach in Knoxville, Tn

In Athens, Greece in 2004,  I jumped 19'6 1/4"(5.95m) for Olympic Gold.  The jump was for an Olympic Record, a personal best and I cleared it on my 3rd attempt.  You can see the jump in the below videos.   

I can relate to every vaulter at every level from middle school beginners to the Elite athlete.  I vaulted 13'6" in high school.  I dont even have my high school record.  I ended up becoming an NCAA Champion, USA Champion, and Olympic Gold Medalist.  

If you choose to come to one of my clinics or set up a personal session, you will have a unique opportunity to train under an Olympic Gold Medalist.  All exercises and drills are extremely detailed.  This will not be like any other training experience you have ever had.    This will be the most focused instruction you will ever get!  No stone is left unturned.  Prepare to blown away!

If you can't come to a clinic or if you have any questions about this sport, you can also email me with any questions.  This is a difficult sport and I am sure I can be of some assistance and I would love to help.

I am here to help no matter your experience level.  I understand your current ability level and progress you through a well thought out series of exercises and drills to expedite the learning process and help you achieve your dreams.    

Some Facts about my career:

-I never made the state meet in high school

-I was cut from the football team

-I was not recruited to college until summer track at the end of my senior year.

-I designed my own weight training workouts

-I designed my own gymastics routines

-I designed a lot of my own pole vault drills

-I designed my own running workouts

-i designed my own plyometric training workouts

-I designed my own abdominal training workouts

-I failed at making the Olympic Team 3 times

-I made made my first Olympic Team at the age of 31

-My coach was there mainly for pole vault workouts.  I totally understood as he had a full time job and a family

-I saw a sport psychologist consistently for the 6 years before I made my first Olympic Team

-I did all my workouts (except vault workouts) on my own for 8 years before Olympics.  Basically I was at the track on my own, I did gymnastics on my own, I did my weight training on my own, I did my plyometrics, abdominals, pole vault drills on my own…for YEARS!  I was determined to be better than I was!

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